Jeff says fly me to the moon #090

This week, Jeff Bezos is flying to the moon, Bitcoin lands in El Salvador as legal tender, and Facebook will have its own smartwatch

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What is N-Plus? #089

This week, NetFlix adds a plus,  Uber’s pleased with a minus and Apple is working on a foldable iPhone?

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CES returns to Vegas #088

This week, Samsung unpacks again with products, Apple breaks records again in its earnings, and yes returns in Las Vegas

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Apple springs in action #087

This week,  Apple springs into action, global smartphone sales rise and Twitter will allow you to upload and view photos in 4K

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No! No! And Oh no! #086

This week, LG is no longer in the smartphone market, you can no longer get an answer from Yahoo, and oh no 500 million Facebook users data leaked online

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A Pet Rock for 2021 #085

This week, a tweet sold for millions, Comcast is investing in billions and you can pay in bitcoin for a Tesla

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Amazon wants to take care of you #084

This week,  Amazon wants to take care of you, the FCC fines 2 telemarketers for millions, and instead of a face id, a thumbprint, or entering a pin you might able to wink at your phone to unlock it.

You can’t have Fry’s with that #083

This week, you can no longer have Fry’s with that electronics order, GameStop’s stock price goes up again, and no it doesn’t have to do with Robinhood and Best Buy lays off 5,000 employees

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Roaring Kitty getting sued #082

This week, Roaring Kitty is getting sued, Google is paying News Corp and Amazon wants you to build it

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Jeff Bezos steps down #081

This week Jeff Bezos steps down, RobinHood steps up and Google pays up

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