California might shut down Uber #066

This week, California might shut down Uber, Motorola will hold an event in September and the Xbox Series X launches in November

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Samsung unpacks #065

This week, Samsung unpacks its devices, Twitters fixes a security vulnerability and Door Dash launches Dashmart

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AT&T is scaring its customers? #064

This week,  AT&T is scaring its customers, Jeff Bezos is 13 billion dollars richer and Microsoft has had an impressive 2nd quarter.

**A couple of seconds in the podcast a few seconds of the intro was cut out**

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High-profile Twitter accounts hacked #063

This week, high profile twitter accounts have been hacked, Verizon is told to stop making misleading 5G claims and T-Mobile is offering Scam Shield to its customers.

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T-Mobile explanation of it’s outage #062

This week, T-Mobile explains it’s outage  Verizon flexes with a 5G laptop, and AT&T announces layoffs.

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Sony PS5 #061

This week, Sony unveils its PS5, Samsung may launch an 8TB hard drive and Verizon launches 5G in Detroit.

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CES 2021 is going to happen in Las Vegas #060

This week, CES 2021 is going to happen in Las Vegas, Google faces a lawsuit and Apple’s latest update brings audio to it’s Apple News plus.

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HBO Max launches #059

This week, HBO Max has launched, will there be an upcoming launch on the next Motorola Razr and will there be a launch of the iPhone 12 in November?

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Amazon drops Jet #058

This week, Amazon is launching its own game, Walmart is dropping its Jet and AT&T is dropping its 5G evolution.

Also this week, Scott Ertz from Plughitzlive is coming on to the podcast as a co-host.

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Facebook soars in Q1 #057

This week, Facebook made billions, Amazon settles for millions and Automatic shuts down.

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