Wait?! The Apple AirPods cost how much?! #078

This week, Apple announced its AirPods Max and you would not believe what it will cost you, HBO Max saw a huge increase in subscribers, and Airbnb’s IPO shares more than doubled

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Apple fined for millions #077

This week, Apple fined 12 million dollars by Italy, Amazon is having a record-breaking sales season and PC sales are growing

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Apple’s M1 #076

This week, Apple brings in M1, YouTube had a global outage and a customer had a sideways misfortune with T-Mobile

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Apple’s One More Thing #075

This week, Apple has one more thing, T-Mobile has to pay 300 million dollars to the FCC and Walmart has dropped their robots

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RIP Quibi #074

This week, Quibi shuts down, Verizon Q3 earnings go up, and Paypal brings in cryptocurrency

Breaches in your britches #073

This week, Apple has the need for speed, AT&T has DirecTV might be set up for a fire sale and also announcing layoffs and Gmail has changed its logo

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Google Pixel 5 and more #072

This week, Google launches the Pixel 5 and more but wait the DOJ is suing them, Amazon says you can pay with your palm and the LG Winds lands on Verizon for $1,000

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Apple launches iPad Air, Apple Watch and more #071

This week, Apple launched devices and products, Amazon Music is launching podcasts and if you have an AT&T phone, would you be interested in ads for a $5.00 discount?

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Xbox Series X and S launches #070

This week, Xbox Series X and S launches also possibly V?,  Motorola unveils a new 5G Razr and Verizon unveils a 5G hotspot and it can be yours for $400.00.

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LG’s new swivel phone #069

This week, LG teases a new phone, Apple will be releasing 4 iPhones and Samsung makes announcements at IFA.

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