Amazon wants to take care of you #084

This week,  Amazon wants to take care of you, the FCC fines 2 telemarketers for millions, and instead of a face id, a thumbprint, or entering a pin you might able to wink at your phone to unlock it.

You can’t have Fry’s with that #083

This week, you can no longer have Fry’s with that electronics order, GameStop’s stock price goes up again, and no it doesn’t have to do with Robinhood and Best Buy lays off 5,000 employees

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Roaring Kitty getting sued #082

This week, Roaring Kitty is getting sued, Google is paying News Corp and Amazon wants you to build it

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Jeff Bezos steps down #081

This week Jeff Bezos steps down, RobinHood steps up and Google pays up

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What’s new at CES 2021? #80

This week, T-Mobile adds millions of customers, Apple’s App Store made billions, and an early preview of what’s coming to CES 2021

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So long 2020! Hello 2021! #079

This week, Gmail goes down, Google Max goes away and HBO Max arrives on Roku

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Wait?! The Apple AirPods cost how much?! #078

This week, Apple announced its AirPods Max and you would not believe what it will cost you, HBO Max saw a huge increase in subscribers, and Airbnb’s IPO shares more than doubled

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Apple fined for millions #077

This week, Apple fined 12 million dollars by Italy, Amazon is having a record-breaking sales season and PC sales are growing

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Apple’s M1 #076

This week, Apple brings in M1, YouTube had a global outage and a customer had a sideways misfortune with T-Mobile

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Apple’s One More Thing #075

This week, Apple has one more thing, T-Mobile has to pay 300 million dollars to the FCC and Walmart has dropped their robots

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