So long 2020! Hello 2021! #079

This week, Gmail goes down, Google Max goes away and HBO Max arrives on Roku

Show Notes:

And as this is the last episode,  I would like to thank Todd for allowing me to have this podcast as a partner show on, I look forward each week diving into the tech news and dissecting what’s going, providing tips and making people smile for a moment or two, so if anyone gets something out of it makes it all the worthwhile, I also would like to thank Scott for coming on to the podcast as my co-host as he is my yin to my yang,


And lastly, we would like to thank you all for listening to our podcast, watching the live show on Friday evenings (if anyone has not already been yet please be sure to like and subscribe to the GNC WIR channel on YouTube) not to mention subscribing to this podcast.

2021 will bring changes to the podcast as we will have a new logo for the website, hopefully, better graphics for the live show, music, and more. We appreciate everyone that has been and still with us on the ride and we love for all of our listeners to let others know about our podcast and give a listen!

See you all in 2021! Happy Holidays and have a safe, happy, and joyous new year!

Kirk and Scott