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Amazon to fight homelessness #026

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads and single parents out there! For this week’s episode of GNC WIR,  some of the tech news brings from Amazon is fighting homelessness, BET is launching a streaming service,10 states are suing the T-Mobile Sprint merger, plus Julian Assange may be extradited to the United States.

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Another woe for Huawei? #025

Wow, the month of May flew by didn’t?  For this weeks episode on the last day of this month, Apple updates the iPod touch, yes the iPod touch is back,  Facebook and Twitter suspend accounts while Twitch suspends accounts temporarily. also in the news, Huawei is taking the US government to court

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Memorial Day 2019 #024

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all!  I want to give a big thank you who are serving now or has served in the armed forces on this Memorial Day weekend not just today but every day.  Some of the tech news this week, yes we all know that Game of Thrones series has ended its run and it’s reported that the TV series has broken records, and in other news this week Sony will only make phones for 4 markets.

Disney now owns Hulu #023

Yes, there was no episode last week, I was not feeling well. It may have been from the remnants from being sick from the week prior. So my apologies, but fear not GNC WIR community, a new episode is here! And this weeks tech news is sure not to disappoint, a huge Google news block, a streaming news block plus Disney is now in control of Hulu.

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The Impossible Burger #022

So sorry that there was not an episode posted last week, I was sick all of last weekend, so it would not have been feasible on getting an episode recorded then posted as I did not have the strength to do one. However, I am going to make up for it with a supersized episode of tech news from Google, Apple, The Impossible Burger and more!

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Verizon is charging more! #021

Happy Easter Weekend everyone. This week there is a plethora of smartphone news, video gaming news, streaming video news along with Google news and a lot of tech tips. In the smartphone news, if you want to go in person at a Verizon Wireless store for an upgrade/activation, get ready to pay extra.

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You can no longer file your taxes for free #020

The news gods have brought forth a lot of tech news this week,  there is a lot of  Apple news and a lot of government in tech news where there is a story that was posted where there is a bill that is working its way through Congress where if you want to file your taxes with e-file via the IRS, you can no longer file for free, it appears that you may have to go through the expensive route soon.

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YouTube, we have a problem #019

It’s a new month and with a new month, let’s mark this day on your calendar with the tech news of the week. This week, problems, problems, and even more problems namely Arizona Beverages that you love to drink! Well, ransomware has reared it’s ugly head and it targeted them.

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Is the Apple Card for you? #018

March is coming to a close and Apple wanted to make a big splash with a lot of announcements, some of those announcements were Apple Arcade and Apple Card. Is the Apple Card the card for you? Details in this week’s episode.

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Netflix is going to give a hard pass to Apple #017

Spring has sprung! And the tech news sprung as well, Samsung is holding another event next month, a lot of tech news in the video streaming news block where Netflix will not be part of Apple new streaming service.

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