Elon is cutting Twitter jobs #112

This week, Elon is planning to cut jobs, Ye plans on buying Parler, and a 1st generation iPhone is sold for more than $39,000

And this is the last of three special episodes as we have teamed up with F5 Refreshing Technology; we will have unique content from their podcast in each episode, including F5 Refreshing Technology co-host Avram Piltch and his segment, the Piltch Point. Avram will be talking about Intel’s/AMD’s new lineup of chips.

Show Notes:

From F5 Refreshing Technology

**Nifty Gifties**

The global smartphone market fell

**Piltch Point**

**Extra Life**

Silent Hill series

**News from the Tubes**

Starlink Internet on jets 

**DRM Not Included**

Netflix to charge for shared accounts