GNC Year In Review #007

2018 is coming to close in less than 3 days from today and this weeks episode is a special edition of GNC WIR. I am going to dive in with the tech news of 2018 from Facebook trials and tribulations to what was trending on Google to what was trending on Twitter and a whole lot more…… don’t worry there was plenty of tech news from this past week too.

I want to thank Todd Cochrane so much for allowing me to have my very own podcast along with his partner shows over at Geek News Central as well being part of the GNC team for the Geek News Central podcast as Executive Producer. I also want to thank everyone with their congratulations and support be it on Facebook, Twitter, texts etc since I started a few months ago on this podcast. I must say it’s a little bumpy 7 episodes in but I can honestly say it will get better over time and I will continue to ask everyone to come along with me on the ride. I hope everyone has a safe, happy, healthy and joyous 2019 and I look forward to the 1st episode of 2019 on January 4th and I hope everyone will too!


Show Notes: