Welcome to GNC Week In Review!

Hello! My name is Kirk Corless, listeners of the Geek News Central podcast may know me behind the scenes as Executive Producer for the podcast where I pull the latest stories of the tech news on Monday and Thursday nights then putting together those stories into the show notes for the episodes.

For those who don’t know of the podcast, I encourage you all to bookmark and subscribe to the podcast here.

My podcast will have the latest tech news of the week from GNC on Mondays and Thursdays but also tech news from the rest of the week. The podcast will be published Friday evenings and ready to download on your favorite podcast app of choice.

I encourage all to subscribe and check out the podcast. It will be a great journey and would like to welcome you all to come along for the ride.

Please feel free to pass along feedback and comments at my email address gncweekly@gmail.com