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Finally, everyone will have broadband?! #097

This week,  Google was valued almost at $2 trillion dollars, Congress approves a broadband plan for billions and MoviePass is making a comeback?

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New MacBook’s, new Pixels and more oh my! #096

This week, Apple unleashes its MacBook’s, Google shows off its new Pixels and Facebook possibly is changing their name

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Billions for a building #095

This week, Twitter pays millions, Google pays billions and Apple TV+ has a few million subscribers

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Reddit, really? You are valued over $10 billion? #094

This week, Samsung is flipping and folding again, Amazon is paying customers and Reddit is valued at over $10 billion dollars

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What in the hell is wrong with these people? #093

This week,  Google is going Pro, Zoom is going to settle and Amazon is selling a smart soap dispenser.

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$100,000 for a TV or a house? #092

This week, Facebook wants to give money to creators, do you want to spend money for a rollable tv?  and Clippy is back!

Something is coming from “Nothing” #091

This week, Andy Jassey steps up as the new Amazon CEO,  if you are looking into a new job TikTok may have a solution for you, and there is something that is coming this month from “Nothing”

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Jeff says fly me to the moon #090

This week, Jeff Bezos is flying to the moon, Bitcoin lands in El Salvador as legal tender, and Facebook will have its own smartwatch

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What is N-Plus? #089

This week, NetFlix adds a plus,  Uber’s pleased with a minus and Apple is working on a foldable iPhone?

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CES returns to Vegas #088

This week, Samsung unpacks again with products, Apple breaks records again in its earnings, and yes returns in Las Vegas

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